Not everyone has a book in them, but we all have stories. Stories that define us. Stories about moments that have transformed our lives in ways both big and small. Stories that celebrate ourselves and one another. Stories that allow us to connect with each other.

What’s your story?

Whether you think of yourself as a writer or not, Storyboard is for you. Storyboard not only gives you tools to help tell your story, but a platform to share those stories with others. All stories will be put through a two-tier editorial process and reviewed by 10 editors to ensure the highest quality content.

Want to share your story? Think about a moment in your life that has meaning, a moment that transformed you, defined you, or changed you in a big or small way. It can be anything. If you are looking for examples, view our Stories page.

When writing your story, think about your five senses — sight, sound, taste, touch, smell. How did your senses interpret that transformative moment? Seeing a loved one for the first time in years. The tinny sound of your grandmother’s piano. The sickly sweet flavor of overripe blackberries. The rough texture of your father’s cheek. The powdery smell of a newborn child cradled in your arms.

Stories to be considered for radio broadcast must be:
-a true life experience
-mindful of at least 3 senses
-between 350 and 500 words (we will accept stories up to 600 words, which will be pared down to 500 or fewer during the editorial process)
-written in first person
-read by the writer

Stories not selected for radio broadcast may still appear on the Storyboard website.

Use the form below to submit your story. Cut and paste your story in the MESSAGE field.